A Fit for Men

It’s Time

So we get it…you wake up one day and realize that you find yourself in “that” shape you said you would never be in: Navigating the landscape of life is complex, frustrating and beautiful all at the same time. Maintaining a balance of physical, mental, spiritual and nutritional fitness seems elusive. Getting older seems inevitable, and most succumb to its constrictive grip, with a lifestyle of lethargy, medications and hopelessness.

As cliché’ as we can sound “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt”!

We reject the mainstream aging path and choose to “finish strong”! What that means is that we choose to confront the four areas of life, where when left to their own, create nothing short of chaos! We call them the four fitness disciplines of chaos; Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Nutritional. These four areas are meant to be intertwined in a beautiful orchestration of harmony and true synergy.

It’s Right

Jesse started A-Fit for Men to serve the purpose of creating a path for men to achieve balance in the Four Fitness Disciplines of Chaos. A-Fit for Men is much more than a “work out” program, it is a purpose driven, intentional lifestyle of continuous improvement.

Purpose Driven: It’s about helping you get where you want to be…your purpose not mine!

Intentional: Yep…you have to commit! It won’t work unless you work it!

Continuous Improvement: Adopt the mantra of “Finish Strong”. (I am not finished until tomorrow does not come!)

Jesse will work directly with you to design a path that’s right for you to become balanced in the Four Fitness Disciplines of Chaos. We will start with a thorough consultation: we want to understand your goals, your vision, your limiting factors such as health conditions, weight and time. From there we can begin a process to correct your current path. We will start where you are and grow from there and in time have you back to the “best you” ever!

Let’s Go

We know it all sounds kind of “Magical” right now, but we assure you this will be intense, passionate and downright hard! If you put in the effort, the sweat, the intensity and the passion then the rewards will be worth it!

And just so there is no mistaking the intensity:

We will pump iron till your arms “fall” off!

Engage in aerobic exercise till you cry “uncle”!

And hold “plank” till the cows come home!

This ain’t no Boy Scout Jamboree!

It’s Time, It’s Right, Let’s Go!

“Finish Strong”

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