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Inspire Hope – Health Over Hype

Inspire Hope – Health Over Hype

Pillars of the Inspire Hope Tribe:

“Health is beyond losing weight, true health is a lifestyle and a way of living. Loving our bodies, nurturing it, and giving it the true balance and respect it needs every day. “

Inspire the Breath – Starting your day with a cleansing breath can help jump start your day! Taking 10 Deep breaths per day can release up to 3 pounds of toxins in just one week! 90 % of our energy comes from the breath and in Yoga Pranayama we teach that your power is in the breath! So Breathe!

Inspire Nutrients – Providing the body vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that it needs for a healthy, vibrant life.

Inspire Hydration – Ensuring that our body has proper hydration for daily detoxification & a heightened metabolism.

Inspire Macros – Proving your body the optimal balance of macro-nutrients to create & sustain leanness & energy.

Inspire Movement – Exercise and daily movement to build muscle, improve agility and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Inspire Recovery – Giving your body the time it needs to repair cells and rebuild muscles from daily stress and use. Sleep, Yoga Nidra a guided meditation, Restorative Yoga getting into the rest & digest and out of the fight or flight!

This 12 week workshop will provide health, fitness & wellness education on a variety of topics to help improve your dietary choices and lifestyle. If you shed weight that’s a huge plus!

Some workshops include a cooking component and you get to taste the food.
Learn simple tips and techniques to help you daily in cooking tasty, nutrient dense, nutritious meals.
Each person receives a free 50 minute consultation with the Health Coach.
Each Person receives a copy of The Micronutrient Miracle.

Join today to begin your journey, a new and fun lifestyle change for yourself, family & friends!

Workshops include:
• Introduction to Health Over Hype, Optional Food Sensitivities Testing & Getting Started on Your New Lifestyle!
• Introduction to “The Micronutrient Miracle”, Micronutrients: The Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Essential Fatty Acids
• Reading the Ingredients, NOT THE LABEL. Your Genetics & DNA, is it really important?
• Introduction to Primary Foods, The Circle of Life, Steps to Better Health, and What Are Secondary Foods
• Introduction to Macronutrients: Fats, Carbohydrates & Proteins
• Exploring Natural Sweeteners, Kick the Sugar Habit!
• Benefits of The Real Plate
• Good, Better, Best Food Choices for Healthy Eating Habits
• Your Gut and Keeping it Happy & Healthy
• Breakfast and Your Health
• Nutritious Lunches & Snacks
• Quick & Nutritious Dinners
• Healthy Eating on The Go
• Shopping Guide & Tour (Field Trip)
• Everyday Foods For Health
• Cooking Fun (Farmers Market Field Trips & Have Fun Cooking With US)

Summer Classes Start in Mid June!
Early Bird Pricing – through May, 2018
$150 Individual Rate
$285 Family Rate (2 participants)

Regular Group Pricing – After May 31st, 2018
$175 Individual Rate
$315 Family Rate (2 Participants)


Micki Daniel @ 816-590-6121 with questions

*Private One-on-One sessions are available – Call for pricing 816-590-6121
Micki Daniel is a Board Certified Lifestyle Coach & Micronutrient Specialist, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach (ip), E-RYT, & YACEP. Micki has taught “The Micronutrient Miracle” for over 4 years for Calton Nutrition online, in Bentonville, AR & Blue Springs, MO.

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Inspire Hope - Health Over Hype

Inspire Hope – Health Over Hype

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