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In February 2014, Micki saw Mira Calton on TV and as she watched she felt Mira was talking directly to her as Mira had reversed her advanced osteoporosis. When Micki heard Mira’s story she had to know more. What are Nutrient Dense Foods? Micki immediately contacted Mira Calton and Dr. Jayson Calton of Calton Nutrition (yes Mira answered) and ordered the Nutreince Multivitamins. Micki read Naked Calories, the Calton’s book and wow, what a wakeup call and education on Nutrient Dense Foods and the ABC’s of Supplementation!

In 2015 she attained her CMS, Board Certified Micronutrient Specialist & Lifestyle Coaching Certification through Calton Institute of Lifestyle Medicine! She became an exclusive retailer of Calton Nutrition products. Micki coaches online through the Calton’s VIP Inner Circle and is ready to pass this information and learning experience off to you in the Lifestyle Coaching classes!

Join our own Board Certified Micronutrient Specialist & Yoga Teacher, Micki Daniel for “Health Over Hype”! These four classes are designed to help you learn about becoming micronutrient sufficient! Each week is a different class that explores the hype in the marketplace and arms you with information on the harmful ingredients lurking in our food.

The classes are once a week for four weeks and guaranteed to bring clarity to too much misinformation you hear and see daily. Sign-Up Today!

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Artistry Yoga Closing November 15th, 2017

Artistry Yoga Closing on November 15, 2017Due to unforeseen circumstances we...

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Yoga Barre Fusion

Yoga Barre Fusion

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Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop

WE ARE CLOSING THE STUDIO NOVEMBER 15TH, 2017! Please find us on Facebook...

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