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Micki DanielYoga Teacher/Lifestyle Coach

Artistry Yoga by MickiD, Exclusive Retailer for Calton Nutrition – 200 RYT, Baron Baptiste Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra – Guided Meditation, Board Certified Micronutrient Specialist, CMS & Lifestyle Coach

Micki embraced “Yoga for Life” as she found herself facing advanced osteoporosis. In seven months she had started reversing this horrid disease. Her husband was recovering from stage four cancer and she had to find a way to keep them both healthy. She felt lead by this passion for wellness to Yoga & Nutrition.

In her heart she fully embodies her artistic Soul & Spirit as she guides you through your “Yoga for Life” journey.

Jesse ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

With 57 years of life’s experiences…all the glory, stress and muck one man can possibly get himself into, Jesse experienced the ups and downs of business, physical and emotional life. To put it bluntly Jesse states: “I am nothing special; no cape, no “S” on the front of my gear, no spider senses! I’m just a guy trying to navigate this crazy life, just like you”.

Why did Jesse get into Personal Training? He has always had a passion for physical fitness and has tried his best to stay in good condition through the years. His first real experience with a training program came when he was in the Navy and competed on a rowing team. Running and strength training were a daily part of his life. Those aspects of training stayed with Jesse through the years. He always knew there was more he could learn about physical training, but never devoted any time to even try! What changed? His beautiful wife and soulmate Micki entered his life! They both set out on a journey together to be stronger & healthier! Micki inspired Jesse to get his Personal Training Certification! (Jesse: By the way she is an amazing Yoga Teacher and Life Coach!)

What Jesse does know is that God has blessed him beyond what he deserves, that life can be better today than it was yesterday, that his past does not define him and he refuses to let it be an anchor that holds him back! What Jesse does know is that he will “Finish Strong”!

It’s Time, It’s Right, Let’s Go!



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