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Restorative & Yoga Nidra

Restorative & Yoga Nidra Classes 

Classes on currently out for the Summer!

We will update the site when they are available again.

Restorative Yoga with a taste of our guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) is majestic and calming.
If yoga were a smorgasbord, restorative sleepy time yoga would most definitely be the dessert. These soothing and well-supported poses offer us the opportunity to remain simply quiet for a few moments savoring the simple sounds, scents and love of life.

Restorative Yoga falls into the special category of poses that have a particular ability to leave us nourished and well rested, while lowering stress and cortisol levels.

These postures are supported by bolsters, blankets, or other props and are held for several minutes at a time. Restorative practice can be intimidating to beginners—all those props! The more fully your body is supported, the deeper your sense of relaxation and surrender will be. So go ahead—your body will thank you with profound sighs of relief.

We will start with a short meditation, breathing and stretching exercise to create mindfulness and awareness of our bodies. Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well. When practiced regularly, these poses will help you to heal the chronic stress in as little as five minutes a day.

The word yoga means to “yoke” or “unite”, restorative yoga poses we often refer to as “active relaxation”. Supporting the body with props, we stimulate and relax the body to move toward balance. Some poses have an overall benefit and others target an individual part, like lungs or liver. All create physiological responses that are beneficial to health and can reduce the effects of stress-related disease.

Restorative yoga takes us from the sympathetic nervous system, which we live in daily, the “fight or flight”; to the “rest and digest”, which is the parasympathetic nervous system. Ultimately this is something we should do to heal our body daily whether it is through meditation, pranayama or restorative.

This class is great for all levels and helps dissolve the stress of the day. Yoga for Every Body!

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Restorative & Yoga Nidra

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