I don't think there are too many days that Micki Daniel doesn't post something interesting about breaking nutritional or health science, keeping group members as up to date as possible. When I have questions, she does her best to post the answers as quickly and completely as she can. She has become an invaluable resource!

Michael R. (Nutrition)

If you want to change your life, come see Micki D! Transformation, motivation, and confidence were my results!! ❤

Marsha A.

An amazing person and mentor. Not sure what I would have done without Micki during my transformation.

Debra T.

A year ago last March I had a stroke from stress and malnutrition. Micki told me about Nutreince and eating cleaner nutrient dense foods. I started eating better, taking the Nutreince Multivitamins and it has turned my life around. I feel better than I have in over 15 years. It saved my life!

Tony M. (Nutrition)

Due to my husband suffering from serious pain issues he began a pain management program in which we first met Micki.  She was the nutrition counselor and restorative yoga instructor.  We have both drastically changed our eating as a result of her informative lessons.  My husband's pain has been reduced to a manageable level.  Both of us have incorporated yoga as a daily practice.

Micki is a wonderful health coach.  She is always cheerful, helpful and informative. We were both sadly disappointed when she moved back to Kansas City, but we are so glad to see her being so successful in her new endeavors!

Pamela D.

I really enjoy working with Micki.  She made everything fun, and easy to follow.  Not only being my coach, she has become a good friend.  Love her!

Carla M.

You will get the best nutrition advice & yoga instructions! Get ready for a treat!

Juanita S.

Micki Daniel alongside of the Calton's is a pioneer in nutrient dense education.  She has extremely practical ways to help everybody.  Especially the most stubborn client who has tried everything with this vital part of the Wellness journey.  Nutrient dense isn't a diet it's a way of life!  Micki exemplifies the nutrient dense lifestyle.  She has personal experience with using nutrition to heal bodies from major diseases such as cancer, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, and osteoporosis.  Go grocery shopping with her today!  Scott Pitts, Renaissance Health & Wellness Director, owner of NWA Hot Yoga, 200 Hour EYT

Scott P. (Nutrition)

My husband and I have been on a getting healthy journey for several years. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but Micki has taken us to a whole new level! The moral and educational support has been invaluable and the results over the top! They have been very personalized with determining the correct measures for us to take to keep us at an optimal place for us to get the most out our efforts for health benefits and weight loss. I have learned how to eat in life situations and stay close to plan. We both feel better than we have in a long time, and our blood work since we've been eating the Micronutrient way is better than imagined!

Jesse has provided manageable and personalized fitness goals to keep us moving in a healthy manner. Often reminding us the "no pain no gain" approach does not apply to a fit body!

Kim & Jim C.

August 25, 2016

In regards to nutrition education, Micki has been a breath of fresh air!  She teaches you the reality and is prepared for the, “but what about…. “question’s that everyone seems to have trying to defend their favorite foods.  Micki has never made me feel inapt or as though I’ve failed, she encourages and supports better living one day at a time!


Vanessa King

Vanessa King
Artistry Yoga by Micki D

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